The New Men's Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam Media Launch

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Men nowadays have to take care of their skin. Due to hectic lifestyle, exposure to polluted environment and eating habits, their skin condition become worse if they are not taking serious to care about it. Same as women, they also having problems such as skin blemishes and dullness. It's definitely gonna affecting their confidence level. And importantly, hard to ‘ngorat’ girls because after looking at the appearance, face are the second thing girls will look at it, right.

Last week, on 27th July 2016, Men’s Biore introducing the new product that using Advanced Japan Million scrub Technology, Men’s Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam series. This innovation has Detox Power Cleansing and Oil Absorbing properties which target the root cause of various skin troubles while providing a healthy refreshing bright clean skin with zero oily feeling. The whole range of Men’s Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam specially designed to cater young, active and outdoor type of men. It comes with five variants that are Deep Clean, Deep Clean Extra Cool, Oil Clear, Acne Solution and Bright Clean.

Mr Masaki Fujiwara, President of Kao Malaysia said, “Men’s BiorĂ© is constantly working to develop innovative products to meet our customer’s needs. With its advanced technology, we are introducing our first men’s facial wash that provides Detox Power Cleansing. We are positive that our customers will be able to get visible improvement in their skin condition after each wash.”

Sharnaaz Ahmad has been appointed as the new brand Ambassador for Men’s Biore product range. His confident and bold masculine image, makes him perfect as the role model and great reflection to Men’s Biore’s standards. Sharnaaz said that, “Having a busy schedule is challenging to keep my skin oil-free and clean-looking. However as an actor, it is important to keep my skin clean and matte the best as I can. Men’s BiorĂ© Double Scrub with Detox Power Cleansing is effective in flushing away impurities from my skin as it definitely feels fresher and cleaner now”. So be like Sharnaaz Ahmad, taking good care of his skin and always look confident when appear in public.

The new formulated Men’s Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam, optimize the Detox Cleansing Ability by bursting into Micro scrubs to penetrate deeper into the pores. The two mains functions:

Oil Absorbing Scrub – absorbs the excessive oil while removing the blackheads and dullness from the surface of the skin. 
Deep Detox Scrub – deeply cleanses the skin while delivering the Active Oil Clearing and Anti-Bacterial agents deep into pores.

Each of the five variants offers different functions and benefits and cater all types of men’s skin problems.

1)    Double Scrub Deep Clean – remove all impurities, blackheads and skin dullness while giving a long lasting oil control and completely clean skin.

2)    Double Scrub Deep Clean Extra Cool – similar functions as above with extra cooling sensation. Suitable for men who like the refreshing feeling, especially after doing a workout or sports activity.

3)    Double Scrub Oil Clear – provides excellent sebum control and anti-oxidant properties that effectively remove the excessive oil from the skin. The results, you will have a fresh and cooling matte look skin with long lasting shine free.

4)    Double Scrub Acne Solution – great for acne-prone skin. This antibacterial formulation works effectively to control acne. Skin will revitalized while lessen the occurrence of acne and blemishes, as well reducing the acne marks and dark spots.

5)    Double Scrub Bright Clean – works effectively to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Definitely will get a clearer, brighter and even skin tone.

All these products are available for sale at all major retailers, pharmacies, hypermarkets and provision shop with price of RM8.60(50g) and RM15.70(100g). Go get one for yourself and start to take good care of your skin.

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