RSMY, Best Cheese Naan in KL

Assalamualaikum & Hi!!

Ohh gosh, why la today must be Monday. huhu. I wish everyday is Sunday. I wish. Monday blues mood ON. sigh!

don't want to think about today, let me share something interesting with you. ya I know, lots of people knew about this place, and I've been there like few times, just to fulfill my cravingness.

Roti Naan loaded with cheese. If you are Hantu Cheese, you are recommended to try this dish and definitely you will left that place with happy tummy and smile.

the round yellow inside the tray, that was cheese. so do imagine how cheesy is the naan. Usually we will ordered, Yummy Cheese Naan and the normal Cheese Naan.

Cheese Naan, RM6

Yummy Cheese Naan, RM8

its look like normal Naan, same size as other mamak restaurant, but the specialty is inside the Naan. The difference between Yummy Cheese Naan and the normal one is, there is chicken slice in it. You can taste the chicken slice and cheese in every bite.

do eat it while it still hot, if not, you can feel the 'muak' due to overloaded cheese. The not best things about this meal, its not come with the gravy. You have to order separately. The dhal gravy itself must pay RM2. For me a bit overpriced since the dhal not tasty enough, and will opt for other gravy.

Better order Beef Keema or Dhal Fry, both are delicious, even you can eat it on its own.

Beef Keema, RM10

Dhal Fry

I can't remember the price for Dhal Fry gravy, but its a bit cheaper than Beef Keema.

For me, its the best in KL maybe, but it can't beat the best cheese Naan i had way back when travel to Cambodia and India. That one was much more delish and nicer. But at least, to fulfill my weird craving sometimes, I will definitely come here again. It's better than other mamak restaurants, when you order cheese Naan, you only get Naan with little cheese on top. so frustrated right! so do come here and indulge your craving.

Location :
Crystal Ville
70 Jalan Danau Niaga 1
53300 Danau Kota
Kuala Lumpur

Till then.


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  1. Cheese Naan + Chicken Tandoori = sedaaapppp giler ^_^

  2. my god cheese dia... nasib jauh sikit dari rumah illy kalau tak illy gi serbu juga malam ni hahaha


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