Kurus Dengan Glow & Glamour Slimming Beauty


Assalamualaikum & Hi!!!

untuk sesiapa yang berminat...ni ada announcement untuk korang...membe aku nak jual package yang dia beli...

Bought from Glow & Glamour slimming & beauty.
Slimming beauty program details as below:
PP25 - 25 sessions -RM1988
PWP (purchase with purchase) 40 sessions - RM2500
total sessions - 65

Program consists of - body slimming, shaping, toning
used 2 sessions. Balance of 63 sessions. 
Selling at RM4000
Normal price: RM4488/65sessions = RM69/session
You get : RM4000/63sessions = RM63/session
Verdict: Went for two sessions, very effective. Lost a 1kg per session and a few inches. The person in charge very friendly and very attentive. 
Reason for selling: Time constraint. Due to late working hours, and have baby to take care off. Plus (husband didn't know I bought the beauty program. So don't have any valid reason for me to come home late and going out during the weekends for no reasons without his accompany.)
Method of payment: I paid installment using my credit card.

sape berminat boleh call/sms/whatsapp Dhiya : 012 642 2608

mane tau, boleh kurus macam nurul wahab ni kann...


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