Perhatian!!!Kejadian Berlaku di Kota Damansara


sila ambil perhatian ye kawan-kawan...

membe aku share kat FB...aku share kat blog untuk perhatian korang...sila berhati-hati tau!!

Dear Friends,

I just got my windscreen fixed today. Pls spent some time to read on & share out to your loved one to increase public awareness.

On Day 15th of Chinese New Year(Chinese calendar Valentine Day), Me , my husband Yip & my girl Xin Yu (7 years old) go through a Unforgettable Morning in Kota Damansara. We almost got Robbed at seksyen 4 'Shell petrol kiosk ' the one opposite Petronas near Tropicana Medical Centre ! 

We scheduled to reach kelana jaya Lrt at 6 am, we leave from home around 5.40am, half way, my husband felt my car tyre don't have sufficient air, he stop by Shell seksyen 4 to pump at 5.50am. There is no one there except 2 foreigner worker in the shop( the shop was locked).

When my husband come down from the car, I immediately locked the car door(that is what I usually practice). He just started to pump, came a motorbike with 2 Malay guys, one of them come near my husband ,.. Telling him " jangan bising! Wallet mari!" At the same time showing him the motor tyre lock in his hand, if my husband refuse, he will use that to attack him. When I saw the Malay guy get near him, I felt very uneasy in my heart, everything happen so fast, in split second, i saw my husband shouting while running ask me to go!(drive away)..he run away bcoz he know I already locked my car & there is no chance for him to come in bcoz the robber are too near my car.By running away he hope to lead the robber to chase him & to be away from us but when the robber saw him run so fast, he come back to attack my car, he uses the motorbike tyre lock & bang on my driver side window,in few seconds time, I manage to jump from the front passenger seat to the driver seat & on the second bang, I manage to reverse my car& go( thanks to my 8 mil tinted film , it save our family life, at least it last 2 knock, it buy me some time to drive away).i then drive towards my husband direction, it was so that time, my right side view is totally out bcoz of the cracked window, I can't open the door even my husband was nearby coz the robber was really near him, it will endanger him as well, so while he is running towards the counter , I try to escort him there, I drove pass the counter but to my suprise the Shell staff did not even help to open the door, they just stood inside & watch. I stop my car , ..feeling very scare bcoz I can't see my husband, daughter at the back of the car cried very loud when she saw that both the robber now are on the motorbike chasing my husband the opposite way, she cried "pa pa", hearing her crying , fear from level 10 change mode immediately to Anger level 10. Immediately, I reverse my car & in my heart , if those robbers ever touch my husband I will bang them with my car if I need to! Seeing my car coming very fast towards their motor bike, the 2 Robbers run away & I quickly open the door for my husband & we are safe. Thank you God for protecting us despite just minor external injury of my husband Yip, bcoz he fall while they chase him & me twisted my right hand for turning the wheel super fast. We make police report after that & go to tropicana medical centre to get treatment. Moral of the story, be very alert & careful whenever you are irregardless of petrol kiosk or public places especially car park that are quiet, day or night. I would like to take this chance to thank God again for giving me & my husband Yip & my children another chance to live this life again. Thank you so much :)

sila sebar-sebarkan pada kawan-kawan ye...and berhati-hati dengan orang sekeliling anda...anything can happen...

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  1. aritu ade tengok video pon kene rompak masa kat stesen minyak gak..

  2. Salam,
    Terima kasih diatas perkongsian.
    Semoga ianya dapat memberi peringatan kpd semua orang.

  3. macam2 sekarang ni...
    pasni kena lebih berhati2 lagi , lbh2 lagi kite org pompuan ni...

  4. Ya Allah takutnyer.. dekat jer ngan kita kan.. Take care dear.. ;)

  5. nauzubillah
    semoga kita dijauhkan dari tragedi macam ni
    be careful everybody
    safety first

  6. Be careful ladies, those robbers ..they are heartless.

  7. fuuuhh.... macam2 laaa skrang nih.. kena hati2


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