APRILOVE Giveaway Contest


wow!!!my dearest blogger ReeneeRaaid buat giveaway la...

of course la, mau join jugak kan....mane tau, leh menang secret gift dari Reenee yang katanye gift tu dari US...wah wah wah...apekah adiah nye, tak nak gitau ke???*hati meronta-ronta nak tau ni....kihkihkih...

anyway, kengkawan sekalian, jom la meriahkan giveaway ni...walaupun dia buka untuk followers dia je, but korang still boleh follow and join giveaway...moh kita meriahkan lagi moh...

syarat giveaway ni pun senang jeeee...

STEP 1: Blog about this contest with ReeneeRaaid header photo and blog link

STEP 2:  Drop your entry link at Reenee's comment box, with the answers of the following questions:
  •     When is my wedding anniversary?
  •     When is my birthday and Che Abe's birthday?
  •     How do you know about this contest? (State his/ her blog link- If you're a new follower, and also state if you're already one of my 134 existing followers)
senang je kan...so ape lagi...jom join... (^_^)v

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