How to Overcome Tiredness

tips from Tini's Spa

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As promised, Tini's spa is going to reveal one of the most powerful (yet simple) ways on how to overcome tiredness

1) Sleep Right.
For most people, rest and relaxation often means being a couch potato and watching comedy sitcoms all night. Unfortunately, this does not help in giving you more energy.
In fact, this habit only serves to contribute to it. If you really want an excellent treatment for tiredness, sleep early and wake up early.

Get enough sleep. There are no hard and fast rules on how many hours you should sleep in a day. Some people need 8 hours or more to function properly; while some only need 4 to 6 hours (and they feel tired when they sleep more!)

The key is to observe your normal sleeping patterns and find out for yourself the ideal number of hours of sleep that gives you optimum energy for the day. Start applying this method and have a better quality life.

from now on, I better have a good sleep for myself. :)

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