Kenny Rogers Buy 2 Free 1

Thanks to Kenny Rogers Roasters coz datang MPB arini n buat promo yg best...iaitu

Buy 2 Quarter Meal Free 1 Quarter Meal

walaupun tak banyak choice of side dishes, but it still cheap dari normal price...

n pada sesiapa yg berminat nak lari2 untuk charity, bleh la join Roasters Chicken Run'11 for Charity...

charity ni dibuat untuk National Kidney Foundation...kalo berminat, cepat2 la register...3ooo peserta awal yg register, akan dapat free gift bernilai RM100...

gi la daftar cepat2, tinggal 4 hari je lagi....

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  1. thanks for the info, will try to check out this offer although am not a big fan of this food.

  2. actually this offer only valid for us, MPB staff today... :)


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