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morning kengkawan...

today i would like to share something interesting from

There are things people may not know about Maybank's brand new Maybankard 2 cards. Like its one-click application process. Or its no annual fees, forever. Or 5% weekend cashback. You want to know more, click here.

Are you an Advocate? An Investor? A Manager? Or a Hopeful? Knowing which of these 4 personality types will have a profound impact on your health and wellness. This Wellness Profiler is brought to you free, courtesy of Nestle. Try this personality test here.

To celebrate 3 years of growing the community, is giving gifts to Malaysians across the social media! Macbook Air, Samsung Plasma TV, iPhone 4, Canon SLR, iPad 2, Lomokit, trip to South Korea, IKEA room makeover, front row tickets to Justin Bieber's concert, shopping sprees to TopShop, Forever21, MNG etc... you have to see the full list. Click here for the list.

Last but not least, you can join without affecting ur Nuffnang...u can still earn money through Nuffnang and on guys, let's join the here to join...

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