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This mornin, due to perut yg sgt2 lapar...sye pn mnum la yogurt drink...wat alas perut, tkt gastrik-gear-gostan (word given by my maktok..hehe) plak kang...kalo dh mula gastrik, 1 hal plak nk kena mkn obat n jaga permakanan..huhuh...(dri sndri mmg penakot nk mkn ubat, makanye, kena la wat something utk elakkan mkn ubat...hehe)...

duk sedap2 mnum, skali t'baca info ni...

"Tahukah Anda - INULIN (serat makanan) membantu meningkatkan Bifidobakteria usus dan membantu mengekalkan persekitaran usus yang baik"

n i search for the info...

What's Inulin? -> is a specific type of dietary fiber that is naturally found in hundreds of commond foods such as leeks, artichokes, asparagus, onions, garlic, bananas, wheat, rye and chicory root.

Inulin has excellent nutritional and functional characteristics and can be used to replace fat, flour and sugar. This fiber popping up in everything from cereals and granola bars to yogurt and cookies.

Health benefits of inulin :-
1) Promoted healthy gut bacteria
Inulin is part of a chain of bacteria that keeps your gut healthy and alleviates digestive problems.

2) Improve your digestive functions
Inulin helps digestion, prevents constipation and keeps your regular.

3) Help manage diabetes
Because inulin is not digested, it does not affect glucose levels. This makes it an appropriate foor for diabetic. It is not counted as carbohydrate intake.

4) Improved bone health
Adding inulin to calcium-rich foods like yogurt may boost calcium absorption. Good news for your bones. :)

so kwn2, amik la inulin hari2 utk kebaikan dri sndri...tp jgn la lebih2, tkt jd bnda lain plak...so as i am enjoying my yogurt drink, why not u enjoy it tooo...smile...

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