Toy Story Review

dh 2 3 mggu tgk cite ni, skang br nk wat movie review...ape camne pn, nk wat jgak...tak kira...pedulik ape haku...heehehhehe

on 19th June 2010, me n friends pegi tgk Toy Story 3D...saje2 nk tgk 3D n this is my 1st time watching 3D movie here...sblm2 ni dh tgk kat tmpt lain aka tmpt blaja dlu, which is luar M'sia...wani yg plan everything psl nk tgk movie ni n im the one who bought the ticket since sye yg paling dkt ngan OU...kitaorg smp lmbt sbb ssh bebenor nk cr parking kat OU...dh smp lmbt skit, kena queue utk bli mkn...since me n wani sgt excited utk tgk cite ni, then me, wani, mr.fiance n chot msk dlu ke panggung while bahau, min n wahyde bli mknan...

as usual, mula ngan short story...pastu br start cartoon...short story dia best - 'Day & Night'...

4 me, overall cite ni best...cuma yg tak best nye, 3D nye biase2 je...a bit kecewa di situ...cite bermula pabila Andy dah nk msk college...maka kesemua toy2 dia rs unsecure n b'pikir apa yg akan b'laku in future...when andy pack all the toy masuk beg n thought of putting them kat loteng...woody was the only one yg nmpk wat happen...andy's mum igtkan that toys akan di letakkan di nursery (Sunnyside), then she put la kat kotak2 yg nk didermakan pd bdk2...woody follow them smp Sunnyside n tried to convince his friends yg bkn andy niat utk m'anta mereka ke situ...they don believe him n thought that andy don't need them anymore...they prefer to stay with the kids at the Sunnyside n been played by them...yg menyakinkan mereka utk stay kat situ, when they me Mr.Lotso...Mr.Lotso told them everything bout that place, n they start to fall in love there without knowing the truth behind it...Woody yg sgt kecewa, kluar dr pusat tu n pulang utk b'sama andy but something happen, dimana dia djumpai oleh seorg bdk perempuan b'nama Bonnie...then when he stay there, he know the truth yg happen kat Sunnyside tu...n the adventure begin here...try to save his friends, buzz yg change mode, fight with Mr.Lotso n etc...

ku sangkakan Mr.Lotso tu baik...sbb dia comel...rupa2 nya dia la yg paling jahat...ish ish ish ish...scene yg paling best ms buzz tukar pd mood mexico (if im not mistaken la), ms mereka tak bleh kuar dr tmpt pmbakaran tu n ms andy serahkan toy2 tu pd Bonnie...this three scene mmg the best scene buzz tukar mode tu mmg klakar abis, tak larat gelak ngan gelagat scene no 2 tu, rs cam, takkan diaorg mati kot...alaaaa...dh kecuakkan (padahal movie je pn, tp feel abis cam btoi2 happen plak) ...n...yg last scene tu sgt sedih...mmg la toy2 tu ade tuan br, but sedih sbb andy dh lame simpan toy2 tu, suddenly nk lepaskan kat org lain n luckily he found someone yg love the toys like he did to all his toys...Bonnie, a little girl who the attitude quite same with andy...huhu...sedih2...papepn jln cite mmg best n i like...congrats to all yg menjayakan cite ni...the moral value still remain the same cam Toy Story 1 n 2... ;)

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