Last nite (de 21st Ramadhan), i breaking fast wit Italian B.M.T at this sandwich it contains chickem ham, lamb ham and lamb costs RS150 and i hv decided to take the ramzan special which only cost RS100 with medium drinks...this Ramzan special offer 2 sandwich and 2 drinks with the cost of me n sya decided to take the ramzan special...that's why the sandwich only cost me RS100...hehehe...

Actually i'm not eating lamb...bcoz i don't like it...but last nite, i managed to try the menu bcoz it looks interesting...and when i start eating it, it's very delicious...yeay!! i can eat lamb..but only lamb ham n pepperoni...but if u ask me to eat the lamb, then i have to think twice...coz de taste might be different...hehehe...

So, let's eat it again...hehehehe

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